The Lion

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The Lion

A dream that has returned to me since I injured my leg and had it put in a plaster bandage for six weeks, is about a lion. 

We met outside a big castle and I noticed that he had his wife and children with him. I got scared and thought that I had to try to climb up a tree, but I never had time for that. 

I thought: Now my time has come. He needs me as food for his family.

He stopped, looked at me and said: I won’t eat you. I will paint you and make you one of my creations.

He started painting beautiful circles and lines on my stomach in different light colors until it looked as if I was wearing close on my body. When everything was finished my skin was covered with pictures. A marvellous feeling of safety came over me. It is great to think of that what I am so afraid of, also can give me a feeling of value and trust in myself. 

All the tunics I have weaved is an attempt to show, with help from colours and pictures, what the Lion painted on me. Also the yarn is coloured by me in order to easier find the right shade and colour choice that he had.