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SING, as Tine and I call our duo, got its name after I, on a walk with my dogs in the forest, got a strange feeling that somebody was talking to me. I came to a glade full of big and heavy stones, loads of beautiful and bright green moss, as well as old trees that formed a high and grand tower around me.

I stopped and asked the voice:

– Who are you?

– Stoff

– What do you mean: ”stoff” ?

– Yes, I am as small as a “stoff”, but I exist. I originate from the mermaid creature.

– But how am I able to talk with you like this inside my head?

– Here has come another type of colour creature, who can translate the language and in that way we can connect to each other.

– What is your name?

– Sinn

– Can you tell me, why so many sailors died? Was it because of your song?

– I am very sad about what happened to the sailors. We mermaids did not understand at that time that these sailors could not breathe under the water. We just were so in love with them.

I asked Sinn:

– How – in love?

Sinn answered me:

– We were so in love with the sailors, and we did not understand that they could not breathe under the water. In our evolution we could breathe both under the water and up in the air. The song was our language, and our emotions were honest and loving. We got very miserable and sad when so many sailors died. It really was not our intention. We managed to rescue some of them, but unfortunately, far from all.

– Were there no men in the ocean?

– Yes, there were, but far from the number of all us women. We had been human beings back in the days, but we had gone more and more for the sea, to escape threats like dangerous animals and environment catastrophes. Furthermore, it was much easier for us to find food in the ocean. We had developed gills, but we still had lungs, so we could breathe both in the ocean and in the air. We gave birth to our children in the ocean, because it was safer there, but unfortunately, it was extremely tough and difficult for the men to survive in the ocean. Therefore the boys very often died already at a very young age.

When Tine and I figured what we would call our duo, I at the same time happened to tell her about this odd conversation and the strong experience that I had had. Suddenly it became clear that our duo should be called SING. So one can say that the “stoff” from the mermaid creature gave us our name.

Medicine Wheel

Long before either of us had ever read or heard of the medicine wheel, Siv wrote lyrics to a song, which she named Medicine Wheel. I, in my turn, made a painting which of course got the name Medicine Wheel. We did this independently, earlier, during one of the several periods in time when we did not keep in touch with each other.

Once we resumed our collaboration, we held a concert named Medicine Wheel, like the song written by Siv. When we together looked further into the meaning of the name, we noticed that the collective unconscious had had a solid grip of us both.

The medicine wheel is a phenomenon in the Native American spirituality. It represents connection and harmony, and is an important symbol for peaceful coexistence between all living creatures on earth. The medicine wheel is a circle representing natural and personal powers in complete balance, illustrating that all is connected to one another.

In the Native American culture, the medicine wheel served both as a philosophical system and as a shaman map. It was used e.g. as a road map by them who wanted depart on an inner journey. In the Native American culture, the word “medicine” had a different sense than it has in today’s modern culture. The term “medicine” referred both to the vitality that is important in the creation, and to the personal healing power which resides in all people.