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The thought sails
the place is
our earth.

Medicine Wheel

Text and Music: Siv Ågren

There is someone who whispers
my name.
There is someone who’s calling
my name.
Is it you, my friend?
No, it is the Earth.

There is someone caressing my face.
There is someone who’s touching
my hand.
Is it you, my friend?
No, it is the Earth.

Everybody comes alone.
Everybody walks alone
Everybody dies alone again.

There is someone who’s singing for me.
There is someone who’s playing
for me.
Is it you, my friend?
No, it is the Earth.

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Everybody walks alone

Medicine Wheel Video

Lyrics and compositions: Siv Ågren
Lead vocals: Siv Ågren & Tine Sylvest
Vocal harmonies: Tine Sylvest
Acoustic guitar: Siv Ågren
Flute: Åsa Dahlkarl-Gustavsson
Fretless bass: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Percussion: Tuukka Aitoaho
Vocal harmony arrangements: Tine Sylvest
Flute arrangement: Tine Sylvest
Whispering: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Sound effects: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Recording and mixing: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Mastering: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Video production: Santeri Jutila
Producer: SING

My Love

Text and music: Siv Ågren


My love,
you are my only one
in this world,
in my life!


I cried
so many tears
I could have died,
but I´m still here

Waiting, waiting,
Waiting, waiting,
I wonder, wonder, wonder

if you, if you love me like I love you….

My love…


Lyrics and music: Siv Ågren
Lead vocals: Siv Ågren, Tine Sylvest
Harmony vocals: Tine Sylvest, Siv Ågren, Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Harmony vocals arrangement: Tine Sylvest
Acoustic guitar: Siv Ågren
Fiddle: Peter Enroth
Bass, electric guitar, keyboard: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Drums: Tuukka Aitoaho
Recording, mixing and mastering: Stefan KILJU Lindblom
Illustrations: Tine Sylvest
Video: Viktor Palm
Producer: SING